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A new way of writing romance.

 I am constantly being told this way or that on how a romance

must be structured.

Romance, a man and woman are supposed to make

contact somewhere in the first two chapters, play tag, struggle through the

book until the end and come together in the last chapter and they live happily ever after.

I sit there thinking to myself, wow that was wonderful. But is that all there is? Huh! Is this real? That's it?

I am outside the box! I admit it. Apparently my readers are enjoying this! Hmmm. Could it be I?m onto something?

I introduce Samuel and Mary early where I should, but I bring them together early also. Then I allow the reader to enjoy the real romance between a newly married man and woman throughout the entire book.

You don?t sit at the end of your seat waiting for the last chapter and get this short ?Ahh?!